Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

By Anna Vo

The season is changing- that’s a given. As September rolls around, we’re all ready to pick up a cup of hot chocolate or a warm spiced chai tea, and get into our Fall habits. Even when you’re not into changing skincare routines on a regular basis, now is probably a good time to introduce a few new steps! Our guide, featuring natural skincare products, will provide you a worry-proof list of weather-friendly items that will help combat this dry and chilly changing season.

Exfoliating your skin might not seem like an important thing to do when it’s cold, but it’s very crucial as a foundation to taking care of your skin in the Fall/Winter time. Exfoliation allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin a lot better. We highly suggest using our Agave Aloe Polisher for the face and the Sweet Rose Scrub to exfoliate the body. The Agave Aloe Polisher can be used both as a gentle exfoliator or a mask that will help to reset your skin once it’s weather-beaten!

Moisturizing is an obvious step in any skincare routine. It’s even more essential especially when the weather has become more cold and dry. Our Amazon Antioxidant Treatment is a rich moisturizer that protects against cold weather and is also amazing for dry, flaky skin.
It’s also important to moisturize after a bath or a shower because your skin can become very dehydrated after a hot shower. For the purpose of moisturizing after cleansing, our Hair and Body Honey is a great addition. This honey, a more moisturizing alternative to lotion that’s oil and butter rich, will take your moisturizing step a level further in the approaching winter months.

Sealing in your moisturizer with an oil or a serum is our next suggested step for any skin type. For those who aren’t familiar with a serum, it typically has a far lighter texture and thinner consistency than a cream or lotion product. After applying cream based hair products, you should be applying another layer of a hair oil to help lock in the moisture. We highly suggest using our Hair and Body Honey for this purpose!

Care for your scalp
In the colder months, our scalp can easily get dry and irritated. Remember to mind your hair scalp health and protect it from being too dry. To aid you with this, we recommend our Licorice Root Elixir, a product that is rich and nourishing for your hair but is not as heavy as an oil. Licorice Root is an herb that is known for its effectiveness for surgical recovery and inflamed skin (such as eczema). So rest assured, your scalp will thank you.